I am craving connection. Coming from an introvert, this may sound like an incongruous confession. Although I’m in my happy place hibernating in front of a fire, under a blanket, with the company of my laptop, my phone, and books, I begin to notice something. That “likes” and “views” and addictions created by social media have crept in like the evening fog. Rolling into crevices, creating a haze making it difficult to see what is in front of me. “Social” has taken on an ambiguous form that has me a little disoriented. And when it isn’t social media or anti-social personality, busyness clouds connections even deeper.

So may warm conversation burn away the mist.

May illumination from reveling in another’s inspired thoughts evaporate the dew.

And may simple touch roll back the haze.

Regard the shift in the shadows and may presence arise like the sun.

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