healthy i am

Healthy I am.

The second part of my most favorite mantra: Happy I am. Healthy I am. Holy I am.

What is “healthy?” In our fast-paced, change-by-the-minute world, what is the standard of health? Each group of people, social organization, activist group, company, community, society-at-large has a different answer. And they conflict with each other. Is healthy loving yourself no matter what? Is healthy a mind over matter? Is healthy what you feel? Is it how you look? How much weight you carry? How much extra weight you carry? Is it what your doctor says, or your insurance company, your government, your religion? Is it how much ease is in your life, mind, heart, soul? Is it how much ease you have even amidst conflict and strife? Is it your coping skills, people skills, self-care, your ability to maintain all? Or is it your ability to continue to say yes and keep everything going? Your ability to say no? Are you healthier when you are removed from the world, society, too many people and opinions or are you healthier when you surround yourself with diversity and community and connections outside of you? Can we wrap this in a pretty package and say it’s a balance of all those things? Can there be MORE options for the definition of “healthy?”

So many people have an opinion on your health. It’s overwhelming.

But the way I see it, my health is exactly that, mine. It’s mine to worry over and mine to work on. It’s mine to exert control and effort on. It’s how I feel and what I think is best for me.

When my body is in tune from the inside out, I know it. I know when I feel “off” even if I don’t always know why. I know it when I feel full of energy and I know it when my body is functioning at its optimum, I’ve experienced it (usually fleetingly, at moments,- but I HAVE experienced it.) I know that when my body feels its best physical health it is also in line with my mental and spiritual health. I can tell you the instant when the switch flips and it’s all there. And the rub is that it’s still subjective. But knowing is half the battle.

Keeping all the things I know in line is the struggle but focusing my mantra toward health instead of bogging myself down with the list of what I haven’t done, accomplished, or how I (subjectively) failed is an acute element in my ACTUAL health. Healthy starts in the mind. Aligning your mind toward health causes a person to choose more health and then it grows exponentially. It can only go up.

So I begin. I always begin. My endings overlap and I begin again. I focus my thoughts to a mantra of “Healthy I am” and every day I begin. I follow the process of baby-stepping and I find my version of healthy along the way.

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