It the 4th of July.

America’s birthday.

All the talk in the news and on the street is about who’s in and who’s out. Whether or not its right to separate families. Who are we America? What were we founded on and what do we stand for?

I’ve seen the posts, the protests, the panic. And I’ve remained quiet. I don’t trust news sources and I don’t know the facts. I have so many questions. Yet I don’t hear many questions being asked. Is this true? What really happened? Is the issue the separation of the families, the coming into the states, or the way in which its been done? Have we been told lies to sell news stories? to create fear? Is the truth being covered to perpetuate the corruption? Most of what I read is parroting of something someone else has said. Hearsay. Word of mouth. A giant game of telephone. 

On the surface, I don’t believe families should be separated unwillingly. Period. On the surface, I believe we should welcome people here in America who want to contribute to the economy and our communities. We are, after all, pretty much all immigrants. But there is more complexity to those issues beyond my understanding and therefore I can’t stand on the corner and protest. I won’t speak out on social media platforms with quips and cliches and soundbites. 


In a blog I read the author writes, “‘While it is good to protest, having an alternative is better.’ The best criticism of the bad is the practice of the better. … As Paul Hawken suggests, ‘We can just as easily have an economy that is based on healing the future instead of stealing it. … One is called restoration and the other exploitation. … The world begs for dreamers to set up shop, invent a new product or social technology, and create the kinds of breakthroughs that will bring us together to act responsibly as passengers on this magnificent place we call home.’”

So can my protest be to come close to the poor in body, mind and spirit and walk alongside them into a new and more complete way? Can my alternative be to open arms to my neighbor, the stranger, those who are “different” and in my own back yard? Can my resources of time money energy be used to support those who contribute to an economy of healing and restoration? Are you a dreamer who desires to be rebelliously integrous? I personally know so many of you! In what other ways can you “participate in co-creating a new economy that is equitable for all? … More and more companies are practicing fair trade, reducing waste, using renewable resources, and investing in healthy communities and ecosystems. Support of start one of these businesses!”

America, may this be your best year yet because your people have banded together to create a world that is better for everyone in it. 

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