This is about that. This is a phrase, a mantra, I have quoted many times over the last 10 years. Meaning, what is perceived on the surface is not what is actually true. Ten years ago, I began a journey of breaking down walls, self-discovery and self-development. I lived a hard-shelled and emotionally stingy life, finding it difficult to connect with others on a deeper level. Then, in a vision, I saw that I would have to be destroyed in order to live. Seeing in the vision the wreckage of walls coming down, my cry in surrender was, “Ok. But be gentle.” And so began the work of tilling soil, removing and naming rocks (jealousies, addictions, etc) and eventually rediscovering the soft flesh that is the fertile ground of the heart once again.

During this process and as a vehicle of re-discovery, I found yoga. I practiced for a few years and then in a wild leap of faith, I opened a yoga studio. The studio has been open for 5 years and, like myself, I see people who outwardly live and behave from places of brokenness, hardness, and who are asleep to the condition of their soul. People have begun telling me their stories of transformation through the practice, AND their continued struggles and obstacles. The woman who has lost many many pounds but still struggles with knowing when to quit eating. She has a root hurt that causes her to stuff down her emotions with food. The son who has ulcerative colitis that developed when parents were having relational struggles. The stress of his environment became written in his physical body. Yoga is amazing, but the need goes way beyond what can be met in a 60-minute class with a dozen other people.

From my self-study on the energetic body and its effect on our physical body, my observation of our unique in-born personalities and how these impacts the ways in which we interact with the world around us, I believe these other factors can have greater impact on our health and wellness than germs and genes. In terms of health and wellness–this is about that.

My husband is an investment advisor. People come to him and say, “We want to invest in the financial health of our future, but we don’t know how.” He gets to know their dreams and goals and lays out a map for them to achieve these financial goals. How people spend their money is an indicator of their values. This is about that.

In the same way, people know they need to invest in the future of their health, but they don’t know how. So, they turn to their family doctor, to their friends, or to the internet. Very few places offer an integrated, empowered, deeper than the surface, personalized, preventative approach to health and wellness. Through my Ayurveda Health Counseling education, I hope to look at “this”–their pain, sickness, struggle–and hope to help identify “that”—the root cause. From there, providing the space and guidance for clients to make these connections for themselves while empowering them to heal from the source.

Enveloping my existing business with a new expanded model, I plan to offer a program which provides a six-month commitment to being guided in the areas of Spiritual, Occupational, Anatomical, and Relational Wellness. This coaching will offer a custom plan including activities such as yoga, meditation, spiritual formation, strength training, massage, nutrition adaptations, and herbal supplements in order to identify and recalibrate wounds, imbalances, and coping mechanisms that prevent us from living the best and most free life. Ayurveda will give the knowledge and framework to tailor the program to each client and help them explore and discover the best practices for their make-up, lifestyle, rhythms and operatives. I am ready to explore for myself in order to guide others in their discovery and healing of our “this and that.”


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