oh, 2018

Oh, 2018. The year of becoming untangled. Of finally being free from the lingering emotional mess of 2016. The one that began in 2014–the same year, unrelated, as the opening of Rise. (Or is it unrelated? Because everything is connected and happens for a purpose, right?) The groundswell of 2014, that would become the earthquake of 2016, that would change the landscape of my internal world, and as a result my external world, forever. Since 2016, life has been the hard-work-process of healing. Of becoming whole–more whole than ever before.

But 2018. After 2 years under the water, this nymph broke free as the dragonfly that only time and transformation can produce. I wrote these words 1 year ago: “If someone would have told my 10-years-ago self that she’d be who she is today, she would have had a good, nervous belly laugh at you. I was awesome like that 10 years ago. No career assessment would have advised me down the path of yoga teacher. Ever. Teaching yoga found me. Many days I still wonder how I got here. And then I read this, “The word ‘educator’ comes from the Latin verb educere, which means to lead forth or draw out. The Latin term was used by midwives, with the meaning, “to be present at the birth of.” [From Baron] I learned that teaching yoga is first and foremost about drawing forth that which is already in a student.” I’m in no way perfect at this but THIS is why I do it. This is what’s bigger than all fears and insecurities, all quirks and awkwardness, to see new life—something already inside waiting to be birthed—from myself or just 1 student makes it all make sense. If witnessing that miracle stirs any part of you, step into it. Start here. First the birth of your own soul while learning to bring forth that of others.”

So 2018 has been the year of births. Chronologically, beginning with maybe what most wouldn’t think of a birth but it became a birth delivered through fire when the death of 2 grandparents (and 2 cats) sent my 7-year-old daughter into a very dark place filled with anxiety and depression. But truth and love, persistence and patience, delivered her (and me) into a dimension of understanding about the effects of stress on the mind and soul. This trial removed slivers of judgement I might have held if not for moving through that season. For her, for my husband, and for myself, a birth of wisdom and perspective.

We witnessed and mid-wived the birth of a new business as we walked alongside and coached a sweet friend in whom possesses a gift that needed shared with the world. Welcome, Vines Bakery! We’re so proud of all you’ve accomplished! 

I didn’t know it was in me, but I moved through a giant fear and birthed a successful United Way Campaign, public speaking (ish) and all! An expanded perspective of how blessed we are to live in such a generous town AND how much work there is yet to do.

I delivered my first graduating class of yoga teachers after lead teaching my own 200 hour yoga teacher training program.

I have cultivated, invited, accepted, and loved on a tribe of instructors whom I deeply trust and who have allowed me to be delivered into a new role of leading Rise forward. While taking a sabbatical from instructing group classes, I am rebuilding our foundation. One on which to begin the birthing process of everything in store for Rise in 2019 and beyond. So. Many. New. Births. Ideas born to grow upon, to usher into this world. To manifest from mind to matter.

There are more. I could go on and on, but Re-Birth was the theme of 2018. Un-bound. Expanding. Free.

Because after trial, after fire, after you’ve come up for air–This is when the universe opens up to you and sets your feet upon new paths. When vision becomes seeing what was unseen before. Knowing what was unknown before. And doing what has yet to be done. THAT is what we’re coming for, 2019.




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