It the 4th of July. America’s birthday. All the talk in the news and on the street is about who’s in and who’s out. Whether or not its right to separate families. Who are we America? What were we founded on and what do we stand for? I’ve seen the posts, the protests, the panic. […]


I was ignorant at worst, wishful at best, to think we were somehow untouchable. When I saw the press release my first thought was, “Really? Is this for real?” Followed closely by the surprise at my sudden awareness of how foolish I was to actually believe it couldn’t happen to us. Logically, I know better. […]


This morning, after taking the kids to school, I decided to wash my car. While driving in town, through town, I had an epiphany. I love driving! This morning, it was in silence. My own personal silence with a large windshield open to see a sliver of the lives of others. Men in business suits […]


“Are you always so in your head?” “Yes.” How many times have I been asked this question? Enough. Enough times to know that even when it isn’t said out loud, its being asked. And the answer is always, “yes.” Except when its not. In the trinity of what makes us human–mind, body, soul–my mind is […]


  You know more than you’ve ever cared to know about my spirit. You’ve gotten a bit of a frightening glance into my mind. But what about the body? This is the 3rd of the mind/body/spirit yoga trifecta. The body is what shows up to a yoga class, but so far hasn’t made much of […]


I hate how suddenly and abruptly the holiday season ends. There’s the slow wind-up starting around Halloween, Thanksgiving kicks off the Christmas shopping, it builds to fever pitch on Christmas Eve, the main event occurs for one day, and then crashes to an end so fast it could cause whip lash. December 25: Deck the […]


In every yoga class I teach, there is (at least) one series where we go through “fire.” Legs burn, belly burns, shoulders burn, lungs burn. And on the other side of every one of those series is a release. This release releases feel-good hormones and replicates joy. Yes, joy. But that’s what yoga does. It […]


From what appears to be nothing–everything From the broken place–healing From heartbreak–beating From emptiness–filling Hope is what tips the balance from fear to faith It is the propeller forward The momentum to move no matter what–because what if….just maybe…. Hope is faithful optimism. Although the costs are high, Hope Hope keeps you waiting Watching Anticipating […]