The statement I hear most often following one’s discovery of what I do: “….but I’m not flexible.” Usually its preceded by, “I’ve heard how good yoga is for you…” Or, “My doctor has recommended I start doing yoga…” Or, “My back really hurts…” Or any other perfectly good reason to start. And yet, it is […]


  “Depth isn’t acquired in a day. It can’t be purchased. It can’t be feigned. It is the gift we receive over time. Over heartbreak. Over earthquakes. Over the accumulations of all acts of love that we allow in.  Depth requires that we learn what to release and what to stay with. What to take […]


As tribal, habit-forming people, we all have rituals–simple, repeatable actions which almost take on a ceremonial vibe in their ties to meaning and memory. In my house, one of the rituals we perform is reading a book aloud before bed. We are currently reading The Trail, by Meika Hashimoto. The Trail is a story about […]